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Data Centre Security Solutions

Physical onsite security plays an extensive role in all modern day data centres. Data centre security restricts site access to selected personnel by introducing a layered security system often including a perimeter fence, bollards  and mantraps. Video camera surveillance and permanent security guards are almost always present should the data centre be large enough or contains sensitive information on any of the systems within. The use of bio-metric recognition mantraps is now starting to be commonplace in these facilities.

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Palm Secure – Biometric Security

The advancement in technologies has allowed companies like us at 360Secure to look beyond the common use for these cameras systems and offer you solutions in Brisbane that provide budgetary benefits. Installing camera systems to watch over production lines or vehicle access gates is a great way to increase onsite safety while monitoring OH&S. You will also have the opportunity to reduce staffing costs which have a direct impact on the bottom line of your business. The only limit to the varying functions of a security camera system is your imagination. If you think increased security might be of benefit to your Brisbane home or worksite, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your options. Give our friendly staff a call on 0731 718 666 or complete our quick quote form.

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