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Construction Site Security Systems for Brisbane

In 2013, 38% of residential builders in Australia had reportedly been affected by building site theft and vandalism. Stolen items varied from a window lintel to a pallet of bricks and whilst the cost to replace these items may not be massive in the grand scheme of the build, the physical cost of labour associated to the down time is. Introducing a security system that incorporates the use of cameras as a visual deterrent is a great way to eliminate onsite theft . Cameras with the ability to pick up a vehicles licence plate takes the next step in identifying the criminals associated with the unwanted activity, enhancing construction site security.

Access Control

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Automated Security Solutions

Physical site security by way of guard patrols is one way to increase your security presence but will quickly become expensive. Introducing an automated security system that incorporates the use of cameras, perimeter fence detection and access control is a total package solution guaranteed to keep your site secure and reduce your bottom line…….Perhaps you could even use it to track onsite build progress to assist with progress claims.

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